Bethel School of Supernatural

Bethel School of Supernatural ministry's present revival is gaining intensity and focus. Out heart is to stay tuned-in to what God is doing, and to train people accordinly for the last days harvest.

A primary emphasis for this school is to train believers to return to Signs and Wonders as a lifestyle. Those who simply want good doctrine on miracles, will definitely not fit in here. As John Womber puts it "Faith is spelled R-i-s-k". This is an environment where people can take risks in learning to operate in the supernatural without fear of rejection or failure. This gospel must go forth, with power for massive world wide revival.

If revival is your passion, come and join us!

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry is dedicated to worldwide transformation through spiritual revival. We are training and equipping the body of Christ to bring the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit into the darkest places on the planet and bring forth Holy Spirit fortifications.

Bethel is more than a school, it is a Holy Spirit journey into the realm of the IMPOSSIBLE, a heavenly adventure where no one dare to travel without God. In this haven of love, you will learn to minister with power, and walk in signs and wonders.

We are in the midst of the greatest revival in human history. Yet there remains a distance between what should be what will be. That distance is YOU! What will you be? You are the bridge between history and HIS STORY!! You are the sons of the prophets.

The sick, the demonised, the poor, the blind, the lame and the lost are all waiting to see what you have learned. Don't disappoint them!


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