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Periodically, Kingdom Life Centurion runs specials or competitions, and issue promotion codes or coupons. If you are a registered client, enter the promotion code in the coupon field to receive a percent deduction from your quote.

Terms of Usage
By visiting and navigating through our site, you agree to the website’s terms of usage as detailed below.

Privacy Policy

Kingdom Life Centurion accepts responsibility for the privacy of all of its site visitors. By using our website and the services that we offer through it, the site visitor agrees that Kingdom Life Centurion’s privacy policy is in good order and to abide by the conditions stated below. It is the user’s responsibility to be aware of their rights and risks in using this website.

Website Usage
We agree to respect your privacy and to collect only a minimum of data from your visit which will allow us to optimize our site and improve our service. None of the information we collect can be traced back to the visitor. No sensitive personal information is collected by browsing the site.

Using certain parts of the website will cause the website to send “cookie” files to your browser. Cookies are used to enhance user experience. They are used to track sessions, authenticate users and store member login information. You may refuse them access to your browser by adjusting your security settings, but this may impair the website’s functionality.

In certain cases, the website may request additional information from you. Such information must be entered manually, and in doing so you declare Kingdom Life Centurion exempt from liability.

Terms of Disclosure
Any confidential information will be used only in our service to you, and we agree not to disclose it to a third party. We pledge to take reasonable measures to protecting your personal information.

In the event of suspected illegal activities, Kingdom Life Centurion reserves the right to terminate any interaction with the suspected party and disclose the details of any transactions, including confidential details, to the appropriate legal or law enforcement agency.

We are fully compliant to both the laws of the Republic of South Africa and international copyright laws.

Changes in Policy

Kingdom Life Centurion has the right to change the terms of this policy at any time. As it concerns your personal and internet privacy, we will take reasonable steps to notify you of any changes. We strongly recommend reviewing this policy in this event.

Contacting Us

You may contact us if you have questions about this policy or the information we collect through the website.

If you think you may have submitted incorrect information through the website, please contact us to have it corrected. We will require you verify your identity in this event.

If you no longer wish your details to be present on any of the databases under our control, you may contact us to have them removed. We may retain non-confidential information and statistics for the purposes of market research.

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